Affordable Web Design and WordPress Help

We have been in web design for over 20 years because we provide affordable web design  in New Orleans. Also we use a variety of internet technologies and we provide responsive, eye catching sites, in the most current, user friendly technologies.

SEO and Searchability(No it’s not a real word)

We are current with the marketing strategies and SEO techniques available allowing me to raise your web page’s search profile. Keywords, social media, blogs, videos, are all relevant in the world of SEO. I am adept with all of these techniques in my web design efforts here in New Orleans. However, I also offer stand alone SEO in New Orleans to assist clients with sites already designed. There is no reason to miss out on business simply because your customers can’t find you. Allow us to help you get found on the web with our skills and expertise in the field of Search Engine Optimization. It is said that getting a website and not optimizing it for search engines is like getting a business card and throwing it away, don’t throw away your potential advertising. SEO in New Orleans can be simple or complex depending on your business. So allow us to help you navigate the tumultuous maze of SEO and get you found on the web by the most cost effective means possible.

Content Management for Web Design

Content Management Systems are the prevalent medium for designing and building websites.  These systems are easy and allow people to update their site without having to contact their web designer. The most common ones, WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal, are definitely in my wheelhouse. We can choose  or design a theme or template, as well as choose or design a plugin based on your needs. Visit the Past Work page to view some of the web pages I have completed here in NOLA. We have a very large body of completed work amassed. You will see that we are  the right choice when you look for affordable web design in New Orleans .

Choosing a Web Designer to get your business on the web

As your web designer I will find the most reliable, and affordable choices available. The arduous task of choosing a host, a domain etc will be up to us. After all, you created the business and your part is done, mine is obviously the web design, and for affordable web design in New Orleans I am your best choice.

Those web technologies I mentioned

The content management systems I mentioned are written in php, and javascript…mostly, I have used these languages for years in designing websites. Additionally I am well versed in html5, java, and CSS, I can redesign a theme, or plugin or create one from scratch to provide an affordable web design in New Orleans experience.


Many of my clients come to me for web repair because their original designer has become unreachable. I’m here to stay because I like it here, New Orleans is my home and web design is what I do.

 More than web design

I also offer software and android application development services, please see our services page for rates.


We simplify the arduous task of web development. We help you choose your look, your domain, your style, your words, and your marketing strategy. Because it can be an overwhelming task, and you built your business, you don’t deserve to be overwhelmed further. But, as if that wasn’t enough, below are a few other reason why Arduous Web Design is the right choice.


That’s correct, we are local, we call New Orleans our home and have for years, we aren’t going anywhere and are definitely here to stay. What’s more, we are reachable nearly 24 hours a day. Because we are dedicated, and because we are lacking in what one could refer to as a social life. Let our isolation be your gain!!!


Need  site done from scratch?


Previous designer left with the job half finsihed?


Just got stuck with a Drupal or Joomla! Site and don’t know how to make changes?


Need an HTML site changed or transferred to WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal?


Got stuck with a Joomla!, WordPress, or Drupal site and need to learn how to use it and what’s more, what Joomla! and Drupal mean and why Joomla! has a freaking Exclamation mark?


Need to raise your SEO Profile and need someone to explain how it works and whether or not it’s REALLY worth it?

WE GOT YA! (We will cut through the long winded explanations and sit down and honestly tell you the pros and cons and be frank about the lack of guarantees. Because while it’s necessary for recognition on the web, it doesn’t guarantee sales.)


We offer hosting!! Yes Hosting!! If you have any issues instead of a conversation to an outsourced worker in another country you will talk to us!!! Our cost effective and reliable hosting can handle your site for prices starting at $50 a year. But, if you miss the accents we can use one if you like, it’s your call..





Digital marketing is pretty much the like the snake oil salesmen of the 21st century. They don’t promise sales, only results, those results may be because of their efforts or because of your own social media or Real world marketing, and they want an excessive amount of money for something they are, let’s face it, pretty much bullying you into getting  because you “need it”. Well, we do that too, except for the last part. Not everyone NEEDS SEO. We have clients that started out promoting their sites on craigslist, we have clients that have performed their own email marketing. We have clients that just have local mom and pop businesses that just want a site for the convenience of their customers. And we have never, nor will we ever pressure them into needing SEO assistance. That isn’t to say that it isn’t necessary. IF you want that first or 2nd google page, if you want a higher position on the search engines, if you want a beter google page ranking, yes it’s necessary. Yes you need Adwords, yes you need to start a campaign. And if you are that business, we can help you, we will be more cost effective than the other systems, because while we perform the same services, we have fewer cogs in the machine. We don’t have one social media person, one blog person, one network marketing person, we have one person that does that, and they are reasonable, and friendly, but, not into the hard sell.