Get your SSL soon, Google is changing their search engine specs….AGAIN, because, thats’ what they do. They are giving sites with the nice, safe, and inviting “https” a higher ranking and for searches. The pros ….This makes your site more secure and puts the burden of security on the host as opposed to the designer and whatever scripts and plugins they are using. The Cons…Because of this the cost of hosting a site has doubled. Many times I tell a client how affordable this is to, mainly because many of my clients are startups, not corporations, haves, or the rest of the 1%. And while the extra expense isn’t much, to the average american looking for a side gig to quit their unfulfillingĀ main gig with an informational site(Most of my clients basically) This expense hinders them. Regardless, get your site’s SSL soon so you can protect your SEO status soon.