Search Engine Optimization is the way of getting your site found on the internet. Consider the internet as a giant rolodex, well Search Engine Optimization gets your site moved up to the top of that rolodex regardless of what letter your site starts with. I’m here to help make the world of SEO in New Orleans more easily navigated.



I will observe your site, your social marketing, your results, and give you a detailed analysis of of your sites status and standing. I will also give you an analysis of your site’s category, your position, how to improve and maintain it. Thus by looking at your content, and ways of changing it to help your get the hits you need. Your photos, your text, your social media marketing, and back links leading to and away from your site. All of this boosts your hits and increases your sales leads  and I can help get you there.


Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and the rest, are more than just a sounding board to announce your opinion on politics and entertainment. They are also viable avenue and marketing channels for your business. When people use social media, they see your site, and they see what other people are saying about your site. For example, many businesses are asking their customers to complete a survey, they want that information for marketing purposes, and to either announce what people’s opinions of their service are, and to tailor their services to better suit them. BUT these surveys are costly, often they are proctored by outside companies and services. However, your social media is your FREE survey service. People liking your site and commenting or posting about it tells you your doing something right. People only post about the things they care about, if they take the time to post about you for good or bad, you know what to work on. I can help with that.